On-Highway Trucks

Innovative Lubricants

June 30, 2021

Lubricants are enabling hardware changes in modern engine systems. As upgrades are introduced, component cleanliness remains key.

Commercial Vehicle Pistons: Designed for Efficiency

June 03, 2021

Today’s modern pistons are a result of many decades of design evolution to help deliver engine efficiency. 

The Evolution of ACEA in the Light Duty and Heavy Duty Sectors

May 21, 2021

There have been some significant adjustments to the ACEA European Oil Sequences throughout the years.

Enabling Sustainable Fuels: The Rise of Hydrogenated Renewable Diesel Fuel (Part 1)

May 17, 2021

Use of hydrogenation-derived renewable diesel, or hydrogenated vegetable oil as it is also commonly known, is on the rise as an alternative to fossil-derived diesel fuel.

Combating Sand Ingress in Emerging Markets

February 11, 2021

Some of the most rapidly developing markets in the world are classified as desert, and sand can wreak havoc on internal combustion engines.

ACEA 2021 Upgrade for Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Lubricants

December 18, 2020

Learn about key revisions to the ACEA 2021 Heavy Duty Diesel Sequences and the transition from ACEA 2016 to ACEA 2021.