On-Highway Trucks

View of heavy duty truck on highway headed toward camera at twilight

Latin America Needs Better Commercial Vehicle Axle Protection

March 18, 2024

Oil marketers in Latin American can take advantage of an opportunity to market a viable thermostable gear oil, meeting the middle ground for the needs of commercial vehicle axles.

Aerial view of heavy duty trucks parked in a chevron pattern

Choosing the Right Engine Oil for an HD Fleet

January 19, 2024

In a recent article in Fleet Maintenance magazine, experts offered advice on selecting the right maintenance items, like engine oil.

partial view of the side of a car and side mirror in foreground on a busy street with blurred yellow, red and blue streaks of light

Navigating a Growing Market for High-Performance Lubricant Additives

January 09, 2024

The lubricants industry must deliver high-performance fluids by taking advantage of new additive technologies.

front view of a truck headed toward the camera on a highway at night with a golden light streaming across the landscape

Reshaping Lubricant Demand in Europe

December 13, 2023

The latest emissions standard for on-road equipment in the commercial vehicle space is Euro VI step E. What's the impact?

close view of bubbles on the surface of a pool of oil

Understanding Extraction and Other Processing Steps in Re-Refined Base Oil Production

December 11, 2023

Re-refined base oil is the product produced after used engine oil goes through a process of removing water, additives and other materials.

Heavy duty truck on a highway with sunset in the background

Examining PC-12's Proposed Testing Matrix

September 13, 2023

Learn about the testing matrix proposed for PC-12, the next heavy-duty engine oil performance category.