On-Highway Trucks

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Impact of Electrification & Other Technology on Fleets' Fluid Selection

March 11, 2020

For fleet owners and operators, lubricant choice remains critical as electrification and other new technologies continue to impact fleets everywhere. 

A Study in Sand

A Study in Sand

February 17, 2020

Sandy and dusty environments present a variety of challenges to vehicle engines.

Rise of Lower SAPS Engine Lubricants in the Off-highway Market

February 14, 2020

The European Commission has introduced the Stage V emissions standard to further combat the impact off-highway combustion engines have on air pollution.

China 6 Era Vehicles Require Higher Quality Fuel Additives

February 12, 2020

As we prepared for the implementation of China 6 emissions standards last year, Robin Wang, Regional Marketing Manager, China, spoke with Jorge Ji, Business Manager - Fuels, Asia Pacific, about China 6's impact on fuel additives.

The Need for an Upgrade: Hardware Changes

February 06, 2020

The drive for reduced emissions and increased fuel economy continue to influence heavy duty diesel engine design changes around the world. In this video, we look at how these elements impact lubricant.


How Additives Add Significant Value to Diesel Fuel

January 23, 2020

Foaming in diesel fuel is a common annoyance for American diesel drivers—but it’s symptomatic of a larger issue in the U.S. diesel market.