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Deposit Control and Reduction Needs for Renewable Diesel Fuels: What Does the Data Show?

July 10, 2024

Lubrizol looked to answer the question of the need for deposit control additives by carrying out fuel injector deposit control and deposit reduction using industry-standard testing methods.

Futuristic image of a motorcycle, car, van and large truck driving toward the right side of frame on a roadway

Advanced Lubricant Formulations from Molecule to Market

June 23, 2024

Lubrizol's products are trusted because our technology teams ensure end-to-end management of projects from concept to testing to product delivery. 

close view of a CNG vehicle engine

CNG Dedicated Engine Oil: Driving Through Change

April 24, 2024

Learn about CNG engines and the importance of dedicated engine oils for these engines.

View of heavy duty truck on highway headed toward camera at twilight

Latin America Needs Better Commercial Vehicle Axle Protection

March 18, 2024

Oil marketers in Latin American can take advantage of an opportunity to market a viable thermostable gear oil, meeting the middle ground for the needs of commercial vehicle axles.

Aerial view of heavy duty trucks parked in a chevron pattern

Choosing the Right Engine Oil for an HD Fleet

January 19, 2024

In a recent article in Fleet Maintenance magazine, experts offered advice on selecting the right maintenance items, like engine oil.

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Navigating a Growing Market for High-Performance Lubricant Additives

January 09, 2024

The lubricants industry must deliver high-performance fluids by taking advantage of new additive technologies.