National Marine Manufacturers Association

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is the United States’ leading trade association representing recreational boat, marine engine and accessory manufacturers. In addition to marine hardware and general accessories, NMMA sets specifications and maintains oil certification programs to ensure products in the marketplace provide the necessary performance to maintain engines used in marine environments. NMMA standards are broadly-recognized and globally-respected as key performance standards for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke marine applications. Once an oil has been tested by a sanctioned test laboratory, NMMA issues a license for the oil’s formulation and registers approved brands. This process assists consumers with identifying the correct lubricants for recreational boats and personal watercrafts (PWC).

For 4-stroke applications, NMMA maintains two certifications, FC-W® and FC-W® (CAT). The industry has seen widespread introduction of 4-stroke outboard engines for marine applications in recent years, to address the need for reduced emissions and improved fuel economy. This prompted NMMA to identify the need for oils designed specifically for unique marine environments. FC-W is the baseline standard for 4-stroke applications, with FC-W (CAT) adding additional requirements for use with hardware using catalytic converters for exhaust after-treatment.

For 2-stroke applications, NMMA maintains the TC-W3® certification. In 2-stroke applications, the oil lubricates the engine parts and is burned along with the fuel. A primary driver behind the need for the TC-W3 certification was to develop a quality of oil that allows for reduced emissions to meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing engine protection.

*FC-W® and TC-W3® are registered marks of the National Marine Manufacturers Association


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