Flender Specification AS 7300

Flender is a Siemens-owned company based in Bocholt, Germany, that builds transmissions for industrial gear applications. Some of these end uses include quarrying, paper making, cranes, cement, rolling mills, and marine.

Flender issues their own set of requirements for gear oils used in their Flender gear units. These are compiled together into a single document which is periodically updated, either when testing requirements are changed or new specifications are added. The current AS 7300 specification is Flender Revision 16.1.

Approvals are issued by Flender and are valid for five years with the potential to seek a five-year extension. No changes are permitted to a formulation once approved without consultation with Flender prior to the change.

To attain the Flender specification approval, a gear oil must be compliant with DIN 5157 part 3 and also meet Flender-specific requirements for micropitting, bearing protection, static and dynamic elastomers, paint compatibility and adhesive compatibility.