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Choosing the Right Engine Oil for an HD Fleet

Choosing the Right Engine Oil for an HD Fleet

Jan 19, 2024
Posted by Greg Matheson, Product Manager, Commercial Engine Lubricants

In a recent article for Fleet Maintenance magazine, a number of industry experts were asked their advice on choosing maintenance items like filters, engine oil, and tires.

Cost and availability are always factors, but fleet owners should also prioritize performance and durability in engine oil formulations to avoid unexpected downtime from unscheduled repairs.

When it comes to engine oils, OEMs give clear guidance about the formulations needed for each engine type and for the year in which the engine was manufactured. But not all API-certified oils are created equal. Corrosion protection and liner wear protection, for example, can make a difference in performance. When choosing a product for your fleet, it's important to have conversations with both the OEM and your oil suppliers. Ask for data showing how the oil performs from a wear protection perspective. If you are interested in extending oil drain intervals, also ask for data on oxidation control, as oxidation performance will maximize performance within the oil drain. Understanding these things will help fleets fully understand the performance benefits from one oil to another.

Read the full article, "Truck parts tug of war: Increasing profits through parts purchases" to learn more about recommended ways for fleets to maximize their ROI on parts and supplies.

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