General Motors (GM) Specifications

The GM dexos® specifications and trademarks are exclusive to General Motors, LLC. Motor oils engineered to meet the GM dexos® specifications are robust, high performance formulations that are recommended for all 2011 and newer GM vehicles. Motor oils that have been certified by GM to meet the dexos® specification have gone through GM’s rigorous testing process, are monitored for quality and are approved and recommended for use in GM vehicles. GM markets the dexos® specification through its AC Delco brand and several oil brands market synthetic motor oils that are and licensed by GM. GM’s major specifications are dexos® 1 and dexos® D. GM dexos® 1 specified motor oils are engineered for vehicles equipped with gasoline engines. GM dexos® D specified motor oils are formulated for light-duty diesel engines.

For a deeper dive into specifications, see the Lubrizol Ready Reference Guide, the industry's go-to resource for understanding fuel and lubricant performance principles and requirements. 

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