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Advanced Lubricant Formulations from Molecule to Market

Advanced Lubricant Formulations from Molecule to Market

Jun 23, 2024
Posted by Sander van Donk, Vice President, Additives, Europe, Helena Cressey, Senior Director, Additives Technology, Europe

Collaboration between OEMs, oil marketers and additive technology companies is crucial for the successful development of performance standards. Lubrizol's contribution to these collaborations is world-class testing and technology teams who ensure end-to-end management of projects from concept to testing to product delivery.

In a recent edition of Lubes'N'Greases magazine, Lubrizol's Sander Van Donk and Helena Cressey explain why Lubrizol's approach to testing goes beyond the standard and why a single project to develop a new product can involve hundreds of tests and significant research investment.

Read Advanced Lubricant Formulations From Molecule to Market.

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