Passenger Cars

Re-Refined Base Oil for Use in Passenger Cars and Heavy-Duty Vehicles: An Existing Concept with Fresh Demand

September 07, 2023

Re-refined base oil use in passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles is getting new attention because of better quality and studies showing environmental benefits over virgin base oil. 

close view of GDI engine

Taking the Lead in Providing GDI Education

August 08, 2023

GDI engines are likely to be deployed in most new gasoline and hybrid vehicles within a few years because of their fuel economy and other benefits, but these engines do come with challenges.

Front view of a car with an electric charger plugged into the front left charger port. Grassy plants in foreground, another car in the background

Implications and Considerations for Passenger Car Engine Oils, Fuels and Automotive Greases as Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (EV) Adoption Grows

July 25, 2023

Requirements of fuels, engine oils and lubricating greases for hybrid and electric (EV) vehicles are becoming clearer as the market grows and evolves. 

Engine oil emulsification, known as white sludge, appears in this vehicle component as a thick, off-white substance

Emulsion Stability in Hybrid Applications

July 24, 2023

Emulsification performance is essential for engine oils in hybrid vehicles, but the right balance must be struck to avoid detrimental protection problems.

Blurred lights from vehicles on a highway at night

Rising to the Performance Gap Challenge: Hybrid Vehicles in Latin America

June 27, 2023

Drivers in Latin America are moving toward hybrid-engine options in passenger cars in greater numbers, but the demand for higher-quality lubricants to keep those engines running optimally hasn’t kept pace.

Controlling Nanoparticle Emissions

Controlling Nanoparticle Emissions

May 16, 2023

For many years, the health impacts of particulate matter have been known. Tighter particulate number limits included in Euro 7 will be one of the most significant changes in terms of the impact on hardware, fuels and lubricants.