Greg Matheson

Product Manager, Commercial Engine Lubricants

Aerial view of heavy duty trucks parked in a chevron pattern

Choosing the Right Engine Oil for an HD Fleet

January 19, 2024

In a recent article in Fleet Maintenance magazine, experts offered advice on selecting the right maintenance items, like engine oil.

Heavy duty truck on a highway with sunset in the background

Examining PC-12's Proposed Testing Matrix

September 13, 2023

Learn about the testing matrix proposed for PC-12, the next heavy-duty engine oil performance category.  

driver of a vehicle looking out the window of a truck with driver's arm in foreground

PC-12: What You Need to Know

July 11, 2023

Read the latest updates as PC-12, the next heavy-duty engine oil category, progresses  

What’s New in the ACEA 2022 European Oil Sequences for Heavy-Duty Engines?

May 02, 2022

The ACEA 2022 sequences upgrade, represent a significant upgrade in performance and impacts the global heavy-duty commercial vehicle market. 

Bridging the Disconnect Between Factory Fill and Fleet Choice

November 01, 2021

Awareness of the advantages of low-viscosity heavy-duty engine oils can help to narrow the gap between what fleet owners and operators want and what original equipment manufacturers are currently specifying.

ACEA 2022 Heavy-Duty: Overview of Proposed changes (Video)

August 25, 2021

Proposed changes to the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association's (ACEA) Heavy-Duty Oil Sequences are discussed in this video.