The Introduction of MAN Cat. II for Two-Stroke Marine Engines

Jan 25, 2022
Posted by Ian Bown, Technical Manager, Marine Engine Oils

In our second video about MAN Category II, we discuss how MAN ES recognized the need for lubricants with improved deposit control performance for their latest modern engine designs. We review how, by enhancing the chemistry, a 40BN Cat. II lubricant delivers the required wear protection and acid neutralization plus superior piston and ring pack cleanliness equivalent to 100BN. This can offer logistical benefits to the ship owners and operators.

For more information, view our video on The Need for MAN Category II, or contact your Lubrizol representative.

Video Transcript

MAN introduced two new categories with their letters in 2020. Category I and Category II and the requirement for a Category II product is really about piston and ring pack cleanliness. 

MAN also introduced a process whereby 100 base number products would be awarded a status of Category 2, the oil and the additive companies submitted data to MAN and those that had suitable data were qualified and went into the first listing of category two products.

The aim now is to have 40 base number products with the cleaning performance of a 100 BN. You really have to change the type of chemistry that you used within that 40 BN product. 

Most of the cylinder oils that were in the market for the last 20 years were made up from mainly detergent chemistry that's changed. It's now about the things that can keep the pistons and the ring packs clean so the detergents and dispersants we need to ensure that those products have good thermal stability, so antioxidation chemistry and we've got to protect those engines from wear so anti-wear chemistry in there as well.

With a 40 base number Category II product, that makes it somewhat easier for the crew,  they haven't got to remember when to switch between 100 and a 40, now they have one product that performs like 100 BN. There are many ships out there that don't have two cylinder oil tanks, having a 40 base number Category II allows them now to purchase that product and use it on board their ship.

And we've got to remember all the way through this, cleanliness is the key 40 BN on Category II oils deliver a high level of cleanliness performance through the enhanced chemistry to meet those requirements.

And finally, while these products are tested in Mark. 9 engines, these oils will cover the whole range of MAN family of engines.