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Importance of BMW Longlife-04 Approved Lubricants

Importance of BMW Longlife-04 Approved Lubricants

May 22, 2020

Topics: Passenger Cars

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) understand the critical role lubricants play in the design and performance of their vehicles. Here we learn more about the importance of the BMW Longlife-04 specification for service-fill engine lubricants.

European emissions regulations continue to become increasingly stringent, with passenger car OEMs evolving their hardware designs and integrating these with advanced aftertreatment systems.

Aftertreatment systems typically require lower levels of sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur (SAPS) in the engine lubricant. SAPS are important components in the formulation of a lubricant, providing wear protection and cleanliness performance amongst many other benefits. It is therefore imperative that only engine lubricants which meet the specific needs of the individual OEM are used throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

The BMW Group is a global automobile and motorcycle manufacturer, with premium segment brands including BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

OEMs, such as the BMW Group, understand the vital role the lubricant plays, often going way beyond the ACEA baseline when publishing their own service-fill engine lubricant specifications. This also provides the end user with the added assurance of using a higher-performing engine lubricant that has been designed specifically to work in harmony with their vehicle’s engine and aftertreatment system.

Building upon the industry baseline of ACEA C3, BMW first introduced its BMW Longlife-04 specification in 2004, responding to hardware changes implemented to meet Euro 4 emissions. These were upgraded in 2009 when Euro 5 emissions came into effect, and further still with the introduction of Euro 6 hardware in 2014; notably to ensure compliance of its latest gasoline direct injection (TGDI) engine systems.

To ensure service-fill engine lubricants meeting the BMW Longlife-04 specification reflect the increasingly severe conditions its engines and aftertreatment systems must perform in, the company developed new test requirements for the latest specification, including the BMW N20 and later the B48 durability tests, for advanced gasoline cleanliness and durability in TGDI engines. The BMW N20, which was later replaced by the B48 are turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engines, producing higher efficiency and greater low rpm-torque than the BMW N52 engine they replaced.

The BMW B48 test is included in the latest lubricant approval specification, superseding the BMW N52 durability test; with all BMW Longlife-04 approval applications requiring supporting BMW N48 test data from December 2018 onwards. In addition, three new aeration tests, one new turbocharging coking test and one new bench wear test are included in the latest test requirements for oil marketers seeking to market approved BMW Longlife-04 lubricants.

The latest version of BMW Longlife-04 approved lubricants delivers greater durability, biofuel compatibility, low temperature performance, management of unwanted aeration and enhanced turbocharger cleanliness. Retaining backwards compatibility to a wide selection of the existing BMW Group range, these high-performing lubricants are designed to deliver an optimum service life for specified gasoline engines and diesel engines with or without Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).

Our View

Approved BMW Longlife-04 lubricants require a carefully formulated blend of additives, performance polymers and base oils, working in harmony with each other as well as the vehicle’s specific engine and aftertreatment system. In order for oil marketers to successfully market BMW Longlife-04 approved lubricants, the appropriate formulation of additives, performance polymers and base oils is needed.

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