AOAP Meeting Notes: May 12, 2016 Detroit, MI

AOAP Meeting Notes: May 12, 2016 Detroit, MI

May 27, 2016

Topics: Passenger Cars


  • First License Date: Group consensus that the April 1, 2018 1st license date is not achievable and a new target date has not been set.
  • Proposed GF-6A/GF-6B Specification: ILSAC updated the proposed GF-6A and GF-6B specifications to include IIIH, IIIHA, & IIIHB but with the proposed limits expressed as IIIG, IIIGA, IIIGB limits.
  • NOACK Task Force: Considering multiple methods — expect to have recommendation by August meeting.
  • Test Updates:
    • Seq IIIH: Chrysler reported that they plan to manufacture IIIH engines in July.
    • Chain Wear: Precision Matrix is almost complete (1 remaining test).
    • LSPI: Precision Matrix is running and expected to complete in June.
    • Seq V: There were no projected timing and no resolution as to how to start a Tech Demo without a VG replacement test.
    • Seq VG/H: Currently running tests to qualify new fuel batch in the VG to extend test life to 4Q2016. TDTF continues to work on replacement test for GF-6.
    • Seq VIE: Precision Matrix complete. Surveillance Panel meet and review analysis of Precision Matrix the week of May 23.
    • Seq VII: Will have a new bearing batch available for matrix testing in July.
    • Seq IVB: Precision matrix to be complete in August.
  • GMOD: Test is active & Stat Report is available on GM TMC site.
  • The next AOAP meeting will be at June ASTM meetings in Bellevue, WA

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