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Exploring Lithium Alternatives in a Disrupted Grease Market

Exploring Lithium Alternatives in a Disrupted Grease Market

Apr 9, 2024
Posted by Francesc Alomar, Industrial Product Manager, Robert Dura, Director, Grease and Metalworking Fluids, Gareth Fish, PhD, DIC, BSc (Hons), ARCS, CSci, CLS, GLGS, Technical Fellow, Industrial Additives

Topics: Industrial, Grease

Finding a widely available, reliable, and consistent alternative to lithium is the most pressing challenge for the industrial lubricating grease market. The technical teams at Lubrizol have accelerated the search for alternatives and are making progress identifying candidates with good potential. The challenging conditions have reinforced the need for collaboration among stakeholders as all parties drive toward a solution.

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In an article in the latest issue of Lube magazine, we review the causes of the lithium crisis and explain why two alternative candidates to lithium-thickened greases show the most potential for success. 

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