Daimler Truck Specification  Update: The Year of Change

Daimler Truck Specification Update: The Year of Change

Daimler Truck Specification Update: The Year of Change

For the most complete details, download our Daimler Truck Fluid Release Overview.

Throughout the coming year, oil marketers will be preparing for a significant change to heavy-duty truck fluid specification naming conventions. In December 2021, Daimler AG split into two separate businesses: Mercedes-Benz Group AG and Daimler Truck Holding AG. As a result, there are now distinct specifications for each new business.

For customers seeking to transition their approvals to these new specifications, the updated nomenclature started April 1, 2023, with an application phase lasting for one year. New and updated submissions must now contain the new naming. All products labels will need to have the new nomenclature by November 2024.

Why the Change

By splitting into two separate businesses, the newly formed Mercedes-Benz Group focused its operations on car and van production, while Daimler Truck retained large commercial vehicles. The move allows each business to concentrate on a more focused market segment, each responding to future disruptive changes in transportation with greater independence. 

What Oil Marketers Should Expect

The updates to the specification nomenclature are limited to Heavy Duty Engine oils and Driveline Fluids, with Passenger Car specifications remaining the same. There is no substantive technical difference between the legacy and current specification nomenclature and is, by and large, an administrative change for the industry. The table compares the prior “MB” specifications to the new “DTFR” specifications:

Engine Oils
Legacy Current
MB 228.3 DTFR 15B110
MB 228.31 DTFR 15C100
MB 228.5 DTFR 15B120
MB 228.51 DTFR 15C110
MB 228.52 DTFR 15C120
MB 228.61 DTFR 15C130
MB 228.71 DTFR 15C140
DTFR = Daimler Truck Fluid Release , 15 = Engine Oil, B = No DPF, C = DPF engine

Driveline Fluids

Legacy Current
MB 235.0  DTFR 12B100 
MB 235.20 DTFR 12B110 
MB 235.31 DTFR 12B120 
MB 235.8 DTFR 12B140 
MB 235.1 DTFR 13B100 
 DTFR = Daimler Truck Fluid Release , 12 = Axle Oil, 13 = Transmission Oil, B =Gear Oil

Though the technical requirements essentially remain the same, this transition does trigger a wave of approvals and label changes. Companies familiar with the BEAM system will need to resubmit for approvals in a new Fluid Release System (FRS). This system is expected to function similarly to the BEAM system.

Our View

This year will likely be a busy time, as oil marketers will be handling updated approval letters with the correct claims, relabeling bottles and ensuring approvals are managed through the new system.

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If you have questions about this transition, please contact your Lubrizol customer representative.

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