The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has established an engine oil specification for two-stroke applications, TC-W3®. The objectives behind this specification are to ensure proper oil performance to both protect the engines and reduce emissions. The requirements include a variety of evaluations relevant to 2-cycle engine performance for watercraft, including fluidity, miscibility, rust prevention and materials compatibility. Additionally, tests are required on two different engine models under severe conditions for 100 hours to demonstrate an oil’s ability to protect the equipment.

Once oil formulations demonstrate the necessary performance qualities of the specification, NMMA issues a certification system which allows certified oil suppliers to market their products with these credentials. This provides consumers confidence that they are purchasing an appropriate quality oil to protect their equipment for use in on-water applications.

More information on TC-W3® is available here.

*TC-W3 is a registered trademark of the National Marine Manufacturers Association