Small Engines

The Impact of the JASO T903:2023 Motorcycle Specification on Oil Marketers

August 21, 2023

Motorcycle technology continues towards lower emissions, higher power densities and higher fuel efficiency, offering opportunities for oil marketers.

How Tighter Emissions Standards Are Impacting Motorcycle Oil

How Tighter Emissions Limits are Impacting Motorcycle Oil

March 09, 2023

The introduction of tighter emissions standards around the world has led to motorcycle original equipment manufacturers making hardware and aftertreatment device changes, this is impacting motorcycle oil. 

Ocean scene with jet ski rider headed toward horizon with blue sky above

Small Engine Specifications and Why They Matter

February 14, 2023

While it may have once been common to service a boat with the same lubricant as a car, doing so today may lead to undesirable outcomes for end users.

Winter scene with rider on snowmobile in motion through a snowy area

What Higher Ethanol Content in Fuels Means for Small Engine Lubricants

January 19, 2023

Rising ethanol levels in fuels have some considerable implications for the reliable operations of small engines and for the lubricants that protect them.

Worker in protective gear operating a two-cycle engine chainsaw in a wooded area

Two-Cycle Engines Remain Relevant: Here's What That Means for Lubricants

December 14, 2022

New investments are being made to make two-stroke engines cleaner, more efficient and effective for professionals who require highly reliable equipment.