The Impact of the JASO T903:2023 Motorcycle Specification on Oil Marketers

Aug 21, 2023
Posted by Yvonne Koay, Engine Oil Deployment Manager

In our first short video on JASO T903, we introduced the updated four-stroke motorcycle specification.

In our second video, we look at the impact of the JASO T903:2023 Motorcycle Specification on oil marketers.

More information on JASO and T903:2023 is available on here on Lubrizol360 or please contact your Lubrizol representative.

Video Transcript

Motorcycle technology continues to upgrade, and the motorcycle oil has to work harder than ever. For global oil marketers, the key motorcycle markets are southeast Asia, India, Brazil and Europe. With this new mandate, all new motorcycles must be fitted with an onboard diagnostic device. As the market upgrades towards lower emissions, higher power densities and higher fuel efficiency, JASO T903:2023 gives oil marketers the opportunity to proactively market higher performance motorcycle oils that meet the requirements of the latest hardware designs and emissions norms. Oil marketers should ensure the additive chemistry they choose is a dedicated motorcycle additive, supported by robust test data, demonstrating the appropriate engine clutch and gear performance to meet the needs of the motorcycle and the end user.