4-Stroke Gearless Scooter

Jun 4, 2017

Topics: Motorcycles

Understanding the benefits of specially designed 4-stroke scooter lubricants

4-stroke scooters are gaining popularity around the world, and there is little wonder why. Scooters are not only an accepted and legitimate form of transportation (read "cool"), they are affordable – both in initial purchase and operation – and offer a legendary amount of freedom, maneuverability, and ease of operation.  And there’s no doubt - scooters are driver-friendly and fun, which also makes them a popular mode of transportation among women and teenagers.

While the scooter experience is unlike the experience offered by other automobile transportation, so too are a scooter's lubrication needs. Even as the scooter population is growing at a rapid pace – scooters are now the primary commuting and delivery service vehicle in Asia and South America – many riders don’t think to give their scooter the lubrication it needs, the "right" oil it deserves. Indeed, scooters are so unique in both design and experience that they need an oil that matches their distinctiveness. This is due to many factors like the engine size, the scooter weight, and the gear-less continuously variable transmission, or CVT, which allows the transmission to adjust to the most efficient ratio at any given moment.

What makes scooter lubrication unique? For starters, consider a scooter's engine casing. Both liquid- and air-cooled scooters have enclosed engines, located under the seat, that trap heat and cause the engine to run very hot. To perform well, a specially designed scooter oil must have the capability to handle extreme high operating temperatures. Otherwise, the oil could break down and fail to do its job, which is to protect your investment. While extending the life of the engine, these specially designed scooter oils also assist with cooling, which goes a long way to helping deliver a comfortable rider experience.

Dedicated scooter oils are designed to optimize fuel efficiency and boost cost savings. Using the wrong oil, one not specifically designed for a scooter, could sacrifice the durability of vital components, compromise rider comfort, and negate one of the most noteworthy benefits of riding – a scooter's fuel economy.

Some consumers may be tempted to use a motorcycle oil in their scooter. This may not be the right solution because motorcycles oils are designed to different appetites than scooter oils, and motorcycles present a very different lubrication scenario than scooters. For one, a 4-stroke motorcycle oil is designed to lubricate the engine, transmission, and clutch. As such, the motorcycle oil is designed to reduce friction in the engine and transmission as well as enhance friction within the clutch. A dedicated scooter oil is designed to lubricate the engine only, as the CVT operates in a dry environment. As a result, a motorcycle oil can compromise fuel economy in a scooter by promoting friction where it is not needed.

A scooter's unique qualities create challenges that can only be met by oils specifically engineered to do the job, and that’s precisely why there’s an industry recognized standard for scooter oils, JASO MB*, to reassure riders they are doing their best to experience optimal performance, best-in-class engine protection, and the utmost reliability and fuel economy. The message is clear: Don't use just any engine oil for a scooter…use a proven dedicated lubricant that is specially designed for its needs. For more information about Lubrizol's solutions for 4-stroke scooters, contact your Lubrizol account manager today.

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