JASO FD oils are defined for higher detergency and engine cleanliness performance as well as meeting the lubricity and low smoke requirements.  JASO FD oils deliver superior performance to both JASO FB and JASO FC in all the evaluated areas. They are designed for use in two-stroke motorcycles and small engine equipment.

The main physical, chemical and engine test requirements, according to the current version of the standard (JASO M345:2018), for JASO FD oils are shown below:

Physical and Chemical

Requirement Methods Unit Limit
Kinematic Viscosity (100°C) D445/K 2283 mm2/s 6.5 min.
Flash Point D92 or D93/K 2265 °C 70 min.
Density (15°C) D1298/K 2249 g/cm3 Report
Pour Point D97/K 2269 °C Report
Colour (visual inspection) D1500   Report
Sulphated Ash D874/K 2272 % mass 0.18 max.
Phosphorus D4951/JPI-5S-38-92 % mass Report
Nitrogen D4629/K 2609-1990 % mass Report
Sulphur D2662/K 2541-1992 % mass Report


Engine Testing (JASO FD)

Evaluation Item Test Method


Standard Index

Honda Lubricity (LIX) JASO M 340 103 min.
Initial Torque (TIX) JASO M 340 98 min.
Honda Detergency (3 hour) DIX JASO M 341 110 min.
Piston Skirt Varnish (VIX) JASO M 341 100 min.
Suzuki Smoke (SIX) JASO M 342 85 min.
Suzuki Blocking (BIX) JASO M 343 90 min.


The significance of the index numbers:

The numbers for each evaluated item, i.e., Lubricity, Initial Torque, Detergency, Smoke and Blocking are all index numbers which are associated with performance in each category.  Basically, the higher the number, the better the performance in that category.

For more information on JASO FD, contact your Lubrizol representative.