ILSAC GF-5 was first introduced in October 2010 as the minimum performance standard for use in gasoline-fueled engines in passenger cars.

ILSAC GF-5 oils are formulated to improve fuel efficiency and provide improved performance across a wide range of areas including high temperature deposit protection for pistons, improved protection against the formation of engine sludge and protection of engines operating on ethanol-containing fuels up to E85. to show that the oil has been formulated to improve fuel efficiency.

Oils that satisfy ILSAC GF-5 are superior in performance to those meeting ILSAC GF-4 and earlier and can effectively lubricate engines calling for those standards.

Oils meeting ILSAC GF-5 are typically low HTHS (≤ 3.5cP) SAE 10W-30, 5W-30, 0W-30, 5W-20, 0W-20 and 0W-16 based on API Group II, Group III or Group IV base oils and coupled with API SN PLUS, API SN and resource conserving claim.

For more information on ILSAC GF-5, contact your Lubrizol representative.

For a deeper dive into specifications, see the Lubrizol Ready Reference Guide, the industry's go-to resource for understanding fuel and lubricant performance principles and requirements.