ACEA C6-21

ACEA C6 is a new category for ACEA 2021 and focuses on Premium mid Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur (SAPS) lubricants. They are designed for use in high performance gasoline and light duty diesel engines with extended service intervals, where advanced aftertreatment systems such as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and Three Way Catalysts (TWC) are used.

ACEA C6 oils feature a low minimum HTHS viscosity of 2.6cP and brings into focus Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI), Turbo Charger Wear and Turbo Charger Compression Deposit (TCCD) protection.

The main physical and chemical requirements for ACEA C6 are shown below:

Requirement Method Unit Limit
HTHS viscosity CEC L-036-A-90 mPa.s ≥ 2.6 and < 2.9
Sulphated Ash ASTM D874 %m/m ≤ 0.8

ASTM D5185
ASTM D4951

%m/m ≥ 0.07 / ≤ 0.09
Sulphur ASTM D5185
ASTM D4951
%m/m ≤ 0.3
Evaporation loss (NOACK) CEC L-40-A-93 % ≤ 13
Total Base Number ASTM D2896
ASTM D4739
mgKOH/g Report ≥ 4.0

ACEA C6 builds on the performance levels set by ACEA C5 bringing in specific tests focusing on LSPI and Turbo charger protection, whilst introducing new fuel economy testing.

The new tests introduced as part of ACEA C6 are summarised below: 

Test New Engine Tests for ACEA 2021 
CEC L-107-19  M271 EVO Sludge 
ASTM D8256 Sequence VH   Low Temperature Sludge 
ASTM D8350 Sequence IVB   Valvetrain Wear
CEC L-117-20   VW TDI 3 Deposits 
JASO FE M366   Fuel Economy Improvement  
CEC L-114-19 Turbo Charger Compressor Deposit  Rating
ASTM D2891 Sequence IX Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) Events  
ASTM D8279 Sequence X Elongation of Timing Chain