SAE J306 Specification: What’s Changed?

June 25, 2019

Automotive gear oil specification SAE J306 was recently revised. In this video, Will Barton, Technology Manager, and Rachael Hitchcock, Product Manager - Driveline, discuss the changes introduced and the balance of gaining efficiency while maintaining durability.

Why has SAE J306 for Automotive Gear Lubricants Been Revised

February 14, 2019

Learn why the SAE J306 standard for automotive gear lubricants has been revised.

Why is SAE J2360 So Important?

November 14, 2017

The lubricant industry is advocating for global adoption of the more comprehensive SAE J2360.

Delivering Increased Efficiency With Heavy Duty Engine Oils

April 06, 2017

Increased fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gases are being supported by lower ‘high-temperature high-shear’ (HTHS) engine oil viscosity.

SAE J300 A Critical Standard

July 28, 2015

Classification of lubricant viscosities is formally defined by the SAE J300 standard.