Yash Naik

Product Manager

Re-Refined Base Oil for Use in Passenger Cars and Heavy-Duty Vehicles: An Existing Concept with Fresh Demand

September 07, 2023

Re-refined base oil use in passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles is getting new attention because of better quality and studies showing environmental benefits over virgin base oil. 

Using the Right Oil for the Right Vehicles

August 17, 2022

For many years, the African continent has been a key export market for used vehicles. The lubricants these vehicles use is critical.

Understanding the 2021 Update for ACEA’s European Oil Sequences for Light-Duty Engines

August 05, 2021

Our Lubrizol360 Webinar examined why ACEA updated their standards, what the new standards are and what new tests are in place to ensure that future lubricants meet these standards.