Mathew Robin

Technology Manager, Consumer Engine Lubricants

Front view of a car with an electric charger plugged into the front left charger port. Grassy plants in foreground, another car in the background

Implications and Considerations for Passenger Car Engine Oils, Fuels and Automotive Greases as Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (EV) Adoption Grows

July 25, 2023

Requirements of fuels, engine oils and lubricating greases for hybrid and electric (EV) vehicles are becoming clearer as the market grows and evolves. 

Engine oil emulsification, known as white sludge, appears in this vehicle component as a thick, off-white substance

Emulsion Stability in Hybrid Applications

July 24, 2023

Emulsification performance is essential for engine oils in hybrid vehicles, but the right balance must be struck to avoid detrimental protection problems.