Harriet Brice

Technology Manager, Marine Engine Oils

Ammonia as a Future Fuel for Maritime Shipping

Ammonia as a Future Fuel for Maritime Shipping

May 04, 2023

Amid the array of emissions-reducing strategies posed by shipping industry stakeholders, there’s particular interest in the potential for alternative fuels.

2022: A year of development and discussion in the maritime industry and a glimpse into 2023

2022: A Year of Development and Discussion in the Maritime Industry and a Glimpse into 2023

January 16, 2023

Change is constant in the maritime industry, it is worth taking a moment to reflect on the challenges of the last couple of years.

Key Marine Bench Tests and their Results

May 24, 2022

Bench tests are critical in the development of new marine lubricants. They are used to investigate quality, offering the ability to check an oil’s performance in specific areas.

The Importance of Bench Testing in the Marine Industry

February 04, 2022

Before marine lubricants are tested in full-scale engine field trials, a range of bench tests are undertaken.


Shipping's Journey to Decarbonization

October 15, 2021

As the shipping industry moves to a low carbon future, lubricant additive manufacturers will play a key role.

Fuel Demand Drives Evolution in Lubricant Testing_aerial top view container cargo ship

Fuel Demand Drives Evolution in Lubricant Testing

August 19, 2020

Lubricant additive packages may be the key to solving some of the problems associated with very low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO).