Adrian Fitzpatrick

Commercial Manager, Viscosity Modifiers

Global Hydraulic Fluid Market Trends and Challenges_L

Global Hydraulic Fluid Market Trends and Challenges

October 12, 2021

Demands placed on equipment that uses industrial hydraulic lubricants pose challenges in the global hydraulic fluid market. Learn about these trends and challenges and how they impact the modern hydraulic lubricant.

ACEA 2021: Understanding the tests – CEC L-107 M271 EVO Sludge Deposit Test

June 30, 2021

Commonly referred to as the "M271 EVO" test, the CEC L-107-19 sludge deposit test is a key gasoline lubricant performance test within the latest ACEA Light-Duty Engine Oil Sequences upgrade.

Additive chemistry for existing and future engine hardware_white SUV on road

Precise Performance: Additive Chemistry for Existing and Future Engine Hardware

June 01, 2020

As the industry continues drive towards a low emissions future, significant innovation—enabled by more sophisticated engine lubricants—continues to occur in the internal combustion engine (ICE).