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Bio-Based and Sustainable When Theyre Synonyms and When Theyre Not

Bio-Based and Sustainable When Theyre Synonyms and When Theyre Not

May 2, 2022
Posted by Shubhamita Basu, PhD, North America Product Manager, Industrial Oils, Tom Wolak, Technology Development Manager, Industrial Oils

Topics: Sustainability

Consumer and government demand for products that are considered friendly to the environment are in as much demand as ever. In a recent article for Lubes ‘N’ Greases, we discussed why words like “sustainability” carry a lot of weight, but quite a bit of confusion still exists when it comes to discussing bio-based and sustainable products. While it’s possible for a lubricant to be both bio-based and sustainable, the two terms are not one in the same.

The differences come down to the way products are produced and the rate and state of a product’s decomposition. The sustainability of a lubricant is determined by evaluating the impact that raw materials needed to produce the lubricant and the product’s development have on the environment. Biolubricants, on the other hand, are defined as such because they are non-toxic and biodegradable. Understanding the nuances of this growing market is an important way to stay on top of proposed changes to regulations and make smart decisions about products that are better for the environment.

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