Understanding the Chinese Automotive Market (Part 1)

Nov 27, 2018
Posted by Mike McCabe, Global Marketing Director

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Robin Wang, Lubrizol's Marketing Manager in China, about how the Chinese automotive market is changing as a result of the increase in vehicle sales and the introduction of China 6 emissions legislation along with new fuel efficiency regulations.

In this first of four videos, we discuss how the growth in the automotive market over the last decade has been driven by a range of factors including economic growth and changes in consumer preferences for personal mobility. Robin also explains how vehicle powertrain technology changes, particularly the use of turbocharged gasoline direct-injected (TGDI) engines and gasoline particulate filter (GPF) aftertreatment systems, will lead to the widespread use of higher performance, lower viscosity, lower SAPS engine lubricants in the coming years.

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